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Glitter Games - Wheel of Glitter

Sale Ends May 31st - Drawing is June 1st
$5 your number will emailed to the email used associated with the order!

Play a game of chance by spinning the awesome wheel of glitter.... win small, win big, or even win the Jackpot prize.  Everyone gets a spin and in a live zoom you will tell us to spin and to stop.  Round and Round it will go where it stop no one knows.... Just beware of the two Bankrupt spots you may lose your winnings.... 

Each Ticket you purchase will get you a spin. Buy as many as you want.  The more you buy the more you win. When the Tickets are purchased we will then play on June 1st.  If your not present to win we will spin for you.  Lets have some fun and play Wheel of Glitter.

If and when you win your Winnings will go out in your next Glitter Insanity Order!