Bruni Chameleon Mica


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Our mica's are packaged in wide mouth plastic containers for easier access

5 grams

Chameleon Micas are Color Shifting Micas 
They change with the lighting of shifting of objects

Our Chameleon Mica Powders are designed to be used over a BLACK background.  This is extremely important so that you can achieve the ultimate effect! 
This is a cosmetic grade mica.
  • Epoxy/Resin Technique – Prep your object with Black paint, let fully dry then add your Chameleon Powder to your epoxy and apply or you can apply tack-it to your black base and use a makeup sponge to rub onto the cup.  This can be used over white to give it a opal-ish effect cool but the real magic happens over a black base or medium.
  • Soaps – Mix your Chameleon Mica Powder with a Black Mica Powder

  • Makeup & Eye Shadow – follow the instructions for turning micas into a pressed powder & apply over a Black base for a gorgeous effect
 Safe for All Applications
Ingredients are: mica, iron oxide, silica
μm (particle size): 15-65 microns

FDA approved for Bath Bombs:    Yes

FDA approved for External Use:   Yes

FDA approved for Eye Area:    Yes

FDA approved for Lips:    Yes